Things to do

The lodge is a perfect starting point to explore the island and wider region with urban Stavanger as well as mountain and fjords on offer.

The island itself, the doorstep to the North Sea offers a varies exiting things to do and see all year around.

Food from Grøningen restaurant

Restaurant Grøningen

The restaurant opened at the former fish landing in July 2021, which has been a huge success. This has become a must-visit restaurant at the southwestern coast.

The sea, East of Kvitsøy

Storm watching

Experience the mighty seasonal storms. From safe distance you can feel the wind and watch the waves crashing into the cliffs.

Galleri Stakitt

Galleri Stakitt

The outstanding outdoor gallery was set up in August 2022, displaying art by Lauritz Haaland and other marine painters who lived at Kvitsøy.


The Lobster Museum

As a part of Ryfylkemuseet, you can explore the history and tradition related to lobster fishing and the fishing industry at the ´Hummermuseum´.

Eldhug adventures

Experience the island gem on a guided kayak or canoe tour or a swim tour with wet suit and swimming goggles.

Kvitsøy hiking track

Hiking and sites to visit

The small and cosy roads on the island are perfect for a walk. You can also find several open air and marked hiking areas, sites for swimming, barbecue and roofed shelter.

St. Clements church and the Stone cross

The hiking area in the far east gives insight into exciting cultural history.

The church of Kvitsøy, with a view over the sea.

Kvitsøy church

The cruciform wooden church built in 1591, is worth a visit and so are the view from the church.

Child enjoying the view from inside the firehouse of Kvitsøy.

Island sightseeing

Guided walking tour, visiting the church, the lighthouse and the Lobster museum. Guided by your own Kvitsøy guide.

Vågen Stavanger

Day trip to Stavanger

If you wish to go shopping or take advantage of the activities Stavanger has to offer, it's easy to get there. Cruising to the famous Lysefjorden or visiting Old Stavanger are also recommended.

Dagsturhytte Kvitsøy

Visit the day trip cabin

A hike to the new day trip cabin at Røde-skjegg, on the western part of the island towards the open sea, is well worth a visit. Here, you can watch the foaming waves or enjoy a spectacular sunset over the ocean.

Bike alone road on Kvitsøy. Green landscape and sheep in the bakground.

Bike the island

Biking is the best and easiest way to explore the island. There are 5 comfortable bikes available for free during your stay at the lodge.

Sightseeing at Kvitsøy

Kvitsøy event

Enjoy a spectacular boat-sightseeing and fishing, tour to Stavanger or to the incredible fjords.