Lauritz Haaland's studio, which can be visited during your stay.


Kvitsøy has a long and exciting history, and has for generations been known as a fishing village with rich lobster- and herring fisheries. Kvitsøy became a municipality in Rogaland county in 1923. In size, Kvitsøy is actually Norway`s smallest municipality with a population of just over 500.
The swiss villa of Lauritz Haaland, Lauritz Lodge and Gallery Stakitt

The villa

The exciting history at the ground dates back to 1889, when the well-recognized Norwegian marine painter Lauritz Haaland (1855-1938) built the villa and his studio in Swiss Chalet style.

The venerable villa including the garden was refurbished and brought back to its former glory by the current owners in 1980 and has been their delightful home ever since.

The art

Galleri Stakitt is an exceptional outdoor art gallery, set up on the wooden fence (stakitt- type of fence) facing the landscape beyond. At the gallery you can view works of art by Lauritz Haaland and other marine painters from Kvitsøy.

In 1906 Lauritz Haaland and Edvard Munch had a joint art exhibition in Haugesund. By a coincident in 2022, 100 year later, the worlds largest art gallery for one single artist opened in Oslo, at the same time one of the smallest galleries opened at Kvitsøy. You may say the circle was closed.

Galleri Stakitt
Kvitsøy Lighthous close up

The lighthouse

Kvitsøy lighthouse was built in 1829. It was then 18 m high with a coal burner on top. In 1859, the tower was raised by a further 7 m and equipped with an oil-fired flame and a lens system. The top of the lighthouse is now 45 m above sea level.

The history of a tilting lighthouse has however, a history dating back to the year 1700. A model of this lighthouse came into place next to the existing lighthouse, as a marking of the Kvitsøy’s millennium square.

The hospitality

Providing hospitality to various travelers, pilots, teachers, and seasonal workers within fisheries is a part of the tradition and history of our neighborhood.

The lodge is part of a historic line and will welcome guests from around the world to an unforgettable stay, out of the ordinary. 

Lauritz Lodge bedroom and entrance and livingroom